Easy Steps To Declutter-4 Easy Steps To Declutter

August 22, 2008

It’s not very nice living in a disordered house which needs to be easy steps to declutter. Everyone likes a clean and clutter free home. Getting rid of clutter can be very time consuming for most of us as we are either full time parents or are in full time employment. But there are still a few things that we can do which require very little daily effort to keep our homes clutter free.

Have A Decluttering Kit

A decluttering kit will keep you organized, have some rubbish bags, dust cloths, at least three medium sized boxes marked give away,put away and charity. Dont forget the hand gloves if you want to protect your hands.

Work In A Direction

Decide which direction you want to clean and declutter. For most people it will be easier if they start at the entrance and go clockwise, cleaning and decluttering as they go along.

Be Ruthless

Be ruthless with your clutter, otherwise you will never be able to declutter properly. If you havent used something for a year then either throw it away or give it away. If in doubt, still get rid of it. Dont let the boxes sit in your house for weeks once they are full put or give them away, straight away. Another good rule to follow is when ever you buy something always get rid of or give away something that way you are decluttering all the time.

Do It Regularly

Try to declutter for about ten minutes each day on different rooms or zones each day, rather than not having done any decluttering for months and then suddenly having huge clean out days as this will not help you in easy steps to declutter.

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Easy Steps To Declutter – 5 Easy Steps To Declutter

August 14, 2008

Are you over loaded with clutter and wanting to know easy steps to declutter? Not able to find your things and have no space for anything else. If you want to conquer the clutter in your home then read on to get some easy tips on getting rid of clutter.

Throw It Away
If you don’t need something or haven’t used it for a long time then throw it away. You won’t miss it.

Give It Away
Your clutter could be of use to someone. As the old saying goes one person’s trash is someone elses treasure, is true. There are many charities that collect clothes for the needy. As most of us nowadays have too many clothes and belongings, I’m sure if we gave some of them to charity, they won’t be missed by us.

Sell It
Try selling expensive and good condition clutter. Car boot sales or garage sales are one good way of getting rid of expensive clutter or you could also try online at sites like ebay or craigslist.

Store It
Having plenting of storage space keeps clutter at bay, try using storage containers or boxes. To help you be more organised and free up much needed space in your wardrobes or anywhere in your home use colour cordinated storage boxes.

Create And Stick To A Schedule
Evalulate your major clutter like your clothes and bookshelves every 3 months or so. Try to reflect on your clutter and declutter in small ways on a daily basis. Decluttering should be a on going mission and soon you shall know easy steps to declutter forever.

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Easy Steps To Declutter

July 31, 2008

Want to know how to declutter a house? need some help? then read on to get some great tips.

Don’t just keep promising yourself to deal with the clutter but actually deal with the clutter in your house. A good tip is to actually set yourself the date for when you will start the decluttering and then make sure you start on that date.

You need to start decluttering the way you feel comfortable with, so if you feel you can manage 15 minutes a day or even everyother day then start with that and gradually build up on that. Dont tackle a whole room straight away, first start with something small like a drawer and then build up from there. You will soon become much faster at clearing the clutter away as you get more comfortable with the easy steps to declutter.

Make sure you have the right tools for this job of decluttering.You should have hand gloves if you don’t like dust and spiders, also make sure you have plenty of rubbish bags to throw the rubbish away and storage boxes for storing things away.You will need one bag or box for storage, one for the dustbin and one for charity.Clutter gathers if you don’t put things in their right place, so make sure you put things that belong in the house in their right place.Encourage other family members that are living in that house to clear their clutter after them. That is the way to easy steps to declutter and keeping it at bay.

When you have decluttered any area don’t forget to reward yourself in every small way you can, even if it’s a cup of tea and putting your feet up for 10 minutes as this will incourage you to keep going on, and soon you will know all the easy steps to declutter .

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